Happy New Year!

Posted January 1st, 2011 in Random by Dieter

Although I don’t have a lot of visitors, I wish each and everyone of you a great 2011. May the best day of last year become the worst one of this year!

Site finally finished!

Posted December 26th, 2010 in Random by Dieter

It has taken quite some time, but without further ado, I present you  my new site :) I hope you all like it because every minute I spend working on this, I had better spent on finishing my school assignments. Nonetheless I think putting together this site wasn’t a waste a time, mainly because now I finally got a place to dump my non-stop rambling! Even more important, at last I got a place where I can post information I find on the internet,  knowing that that piece of information will be offline within the next few weeks (for example, the bits and pieces for implementing a Kerberos KDC and client login!)

Thanks for visiting and leave a comment if you like the site!