Java: Opensource reporting

Posted December 26th, 2010 in Portfolio, School by Dieter

Being the proverbial icing on the cake, this was the project I was given for my internship at Diasoft. They already had a working reporting solution, but it wasn’t a free one. This approach had some serious downfalls, like the increased cost of the software and the inability to customize the tool to fit your needs. That was where I came in: my job was to provide an opensource solution to their problem. I accomplished the following things for them:

  • Introduced JasperReports, an opensource reporting solution into their current software
  • Programmed a layer between their existing Toplink implementation (which was 10 years old…) and a new query language I created, named DQL (Diamant Query Language)
  • Implemented DQL, keeping the syntax similar to SQL to keep the learning curve low
  • Wrote a plugin for I-Report (the free reporting solution that came with JasperReports) which enabled a smooth integration with DQL
  • Converted some of their existing reports to the new JasperReports format

At the end of my internship, the people at Diasoft were very pleased with my work and that made all the problems I’ve encountered during my internship worth the trouble :)